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Desktop publishing (DTP)
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Graphic Design
Audio/Video Editing
Quality Control
Image editing
Internet Marketing
Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)

What is DTP? Desktop publishing, or DTP, is the process of editing and layout of printed material intended for publication, such as books, magazines, and brochures, using a personal computer. Desktop publishing software, such as QuarkXPress, Adobe InDesign or the free Scribus, is specifically designed for such tasks. Such programs do not generally replace word processors and graphics applications, but are used to aggregate content created in these programs: text, raster graphics (such as images edited with Adobe Photoshop) and vector graphics (such as drawings/illustrations made with Adobe Illustrator, or CorelDRAW). For publication, DTP software can output PostScript or Adobe PDFs which can be used by commercial printers to produce printing plates.

Our company specializes in Multilingual Desktop Localization.
Our team of experts which performs the document localization through DTP does not create the documents and the way they look from the very scratch. They are solely responsible for the professional localization o the documents in different languages - professional localization of the documents in different languages. Apart from text editing, the localization process comprises the following tasks:

Editing, processing and creation (DTP) of text in all file formats.
File type conversion and editing.
Professional audio and video editing.
Creation of translated materials into formats suitable for editing.
Working with both clientís and our companyís fonts.
Editing of photographs in all graphics formats, colour correction and overall improvement.
Ultimate quality control for flawless performance and timely completion of projects.

Our team of experts is always available to offer top quality professional service, saving you time and money. Files and projects are being delivered to clients only after the quality check of the GEZ Systems Quality Control team.
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Audio/Video Editing
Professional audio/video processing and editing performed by highly experienced specialists.
Audio editing
Video editing
Dubbing, Automated Dialogue Replacement
Translation and editing of subtitles
Audio/Video files conversion
Transfer of audio and video files to different storage systems

Website design
GEZ Systems offer quality web design. Our services vary from offering a selection of our own pre-developed website layouts, through website design based on Content Management systems (CMS). We also create bespoke website design to fit your individual needs and requirements. In addition to this we will be happy to help improve and redesign your already existing websites.
Website Build
Website Design
Internet Marketing
Website Maintenance
Website Optimisation
Translation of websites
Business Card Websites Creation
Internet Stores Creation
Corporate websites Creation
Dynamic Website Creation
Static Website Creation
100% Flash Website Creation
Our company works with proven Flash design experts.
For additional information please contact: info@gezsystems.com

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Graphic Design
We offer different and inspiring graphic design which can help raise your business profile. We deliver quality, style, effective design, and character.
Services include:
Creation of business cards, templates, envelopes, company letter heads, stationery
Leaflets, flyers, brochures
Posters and calendars
Catalogues and literature
Logo design

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