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In our work we combine the latest methods and technologies for localisation.

We integrate translation with localisation to get your message out to the international public in many different languages. This multilingual approach makes our final product highly applicable and accessible.
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Here you can see a list of the languages GEZ Systems offer localization and full DTP maintenance in. Asia and Mid-Eastern languages coming up shortly.
please see list of working languages here
Other services
Online DTP consultations
FrameMaker consultations
Logo design
Business Packages (Custom Logo, Business Cards, Stationery, Brochure)
Sale of templates
Multilingual Desktop Publishing (DTP)
Desktop publishing (DTP)
Editing, processing and creation (DTP) of text in all file formats.
File type conversion and editing.
Creation of translated materials into formats suitable for editing.
Ultimate quality control for flawless performance and timely completion of projects ...
We pride ourselves in employing some of the few experts who have actual experience and thorough knowledge and understanding of the professional DTP software, XML DITA – Adobe FrameMaker:

Adobe FrameMaker (Structured): Adobe® FrameMaker® software is a powerful authoring and publishing solution for technical communicators. Take advantage of an intuitive user interface, unified workflows, and a template-based authoring environment to simplify content delivery and conform to organizational requirements for consistency and branding. It is especially suited for creating long technical documents.

Adobe FrameMaker + SGML: FrameMaker+SGML is a powerful WYSIWYG which allows you to edit SGML documents with all the rendering and other features of FrameMaker. In FrameMaker+SGML the correspondence between SGML tags and printed output is implemented with a document called the EDD which maps SGML elements to FrameMaker formatting instructions.

To further complement out range of services we will soon introduce on our website a Q&A module where we will share information and reply to questions concerning the most common difficulties we come across during our day-to-day work with DTP software. We are happy to share our knowledge and experience with all colleagues working in DTP which can save them time and money.
Audio/Video Editing
A/V Services
In addition to the professional audio and video editing services we offer quality transfer of audio and video recordings from most old carriers, for example from S-VHS to new and more reliable carriers like DVDs in all its varieties.
Services offered
Transfer of audio/video recordings from vinyl record to a CD
Transfer of audio/video recordings from Magnetic Tape to a CD
Transfer of audio/video recordings from a CD to a Compact Cassette
Transfer/conversion of audio/video recordings from a CD to Mp3 and vice versa
Transfer/conversion of audio/video recordings from VHS to DVD, VCD, DivX-Mpeg-4
Transfer of audio/video recordings from a DVD to CD, VCD or Compact Cassette
Transfer of audio/video recordings from camera to DVD
DVD to DVD transfer of audio/video recordings
For additional information and services please contact: salesinfo@gezsystems.com

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WEB design
The GEZ Systems team will be happy to create quality Website Design for you. The Website Design we offer can be based on our company's own pre-developed layouts or it can be based on Content Management Systems (CMS). We also create bespoke website design to fit your individual needs and requirements. In addition to this we will be happy to help improve and redesign your already existing websites

Business Card
Websites ...

Internet Stores
Creation ...

Corporate websites Creation ...

Graphic design
Logo design
Custom logo design: Our logo designers have a complete understanding of branding and market trends, but also strive to understand your specific goals and visions when designing your brand image. We will design a stunning logo that you are happy with and also defines your brand image from that of the competition.
We can also help you bring your own design concepts for a company logo to life by doing the graphics job only.We offer design of business packages including design of company logo, business cards, stationery, brochures, and website
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